Bacon on Bree: Bacon for people who eat carbs

Bacon on Bree

The Plus One getting an eyeful of Salma Hayek

I gave my Plus One a side eye worthy of Michelle Obama as he nibbled on Salma Hayek. But I was being unreasonable as I was taking hearty bites out of Harvey Specter. This wasn’t one of those couple celebrity free passes, Bacon on Bree keeps an already interesting menu spicy by naming their sandwiches after movie stars, TV characters and movies.

After being up North for a week I was hungry for a classic Cape Town breakfast. I could taste the Jason Bakery doughssant already. But Jason Bakery had other plans for the long weekend that didn’t include my pastry needs and was boarded up.

Bacon on Bree

Top left: The Harvey Specter on the pig shaped plate. Top right: In the shaddow of a church, it was Easter weekend after all. Bottom right: Not on the menu (yet), the baconccino. Bottom right: Foto credit – Bacon on Bree/Facebook

Just up the street there’s a row of establishments squished together, each quirkier than the rest. Mother’s Ruin are amongst these with excellent gin cocktails. Its neighbour has a signature ingredient with a slightly wider appeal, bacon.

The service was extremely friendly and helpful, yet we had to ask twice for my Bacon Mary and three times for the Plus One’s second flat white. They did indulge us with 2 rashes of bacon with the coffee so the Plus One could create world’s first baconccino (patent pending).

Crispy and thin, we both wiggled a rasher of bacon out of our respective sandwiches to taste it by itself first. I was reminded of a Parks and Recreation episode where Ron Swanson asks a waitress to bring him all the bacon and eggs in the place. He calls her back – and to paraphrase – says that he doesn’t mean that he wants a lot of bacon, he wants ALL the bacon.

I’m willing to ask three times, I want all the bacon (and ciabatta) at Bacon on Bree.

Bacon on Bree
217 Bree Street, Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 422 2798
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Jason Bakery: The early hipster gets the doughssant

I’m a chronically early riser. It’s been a curse on my weekends until I discovered the Jason Bakery doughssant (cronut). Every Saturday they bake a limited number of absurdly imaginative doughssants that lures Capetonians out of bed through any kind of weather and/or hangover.

Over the Easter long weekend I had my first, a Hot Cross Doughssant with maple syrup cream cheese icing. Incredibly rich and oh so good. Jason Bakery Cronut

Standing in the takeaway queue after heeding the siren’s call that is @’s post of the day’s doughssant, it is crucial to have the will of steel. At eye level wonderful teats such croissants topped with maple syrup and bacon and bite sized savoury tartlets leer at you behind glass like ladies in a red light district. This time around I stood strong only adding the fresh juice of the day (sweet melon, pear and carrot – as fresh as advertised and refreshing) and a flat white to my bill.

The Plus One captures my classy side.  (Bottom Left) The Hot Cross Doughssant

The Plus One captures my classy side.
(Bottom Left) The Hot Cross Doughssant

This Saturday’s offering was Fruit Loops with vanilla milk crème. This one was much lighter than the Hot Cross variety. The filling tasted like creamy custard while the crunchy topping reminded me of a simpler time when Fruit Loops was a treat only reserved for the school holidays.

We made our way through the swarm of healthy people jogging/hiking/cycling on Table Mountain for one of the best views in Cape Town to enjoy a breakfast that sneers in the face of diets and everything you thought you knew about pastries.Jason Bakery Doughssant

Jason Bakery
Tel: 021 424 5644
Address: 185 Bree Street, Cape Town, 8001
Business hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 7am-3:30pm
Saturday: 8am-2pm

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Petits Fours: A nibble of France in Bloubergstrand

Petits Fours was one of our favourite breakfast haunts. French shabby chic with the most adorable blue and pink cast iron tables on its porch, we spent many a happy Sunday eating single serving quiche with broccoli salad drinking imported flavoured tea from delicate glass cups.

This happy memory was smashed one Saturday when said tea was served in a cup that must have been stolen from Spur. Everything else was also off, the once attentive friendly waitress was gone and the quiche was dry. Coupled with a new manager who was snarky when we mentioned this, we resolved to find a new favourite. Petits Fours Bloubergstrand

A rumour of new management weakened our resolve and we once again found ourselves there, this time for lunch, and it was lovely. I decided not to tempt the universe by asking for tea. Petits Fours Bloubergstrand-SpecialtySalad

My order, the Petits Fours specialty salad, is the salad that other salad moms warn their salad children about. Totally badass and delicious. The healthy bed of lettuce and baby tomatoes is desecrated by stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon topped with onion rings and served with a sweet dressing on the side. Like an Arab at a US airport the onions are well padded down, not leaving a trace of oil on the healthier real salad stuff below. The chicken that’s cut in wheels looked a bit dull, a bit like sweet potato, but was wonderfully soft and juicy.

Dessert was a mini dark chocolate cake topped with rich dark icing and a strawberry.Petits Fours Bloubergstrand-ChocolateCake

Petits Fours is a prime example how a restaurant can have all the elements in place, prime location, view of Table Mountain, and still fold under the wrong management. Luckily this was turned around. Even though white and mint picnic tables have replaced the quirky blue and pink cast iron round tables that drew us initially, Petits Fours still has a quirky charm. A charm once again backed up with fantastic service and really special food.

Petits Fours
20 Stadler Road, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town
021 554 4462

Payday Breakfast at Café Ruby

One of my favourite meals is the Payday Breakfast. What’s more wonderful than waking up to an SMS informing you that, for the next few hours anyway, you are rich! For a few hours you can pretend that this is the only meal that you’ll be paying for this month.CafeRubyInterior

On Saturday we went to a level 3* Payday Breakfast joint, Café Ruby at the Klein Roosboom Wine Farm in Durbanville. We have been there once before and were impressed with the speed of the kitchen and the insanely delicious farm bread toast. Entrance

This time around the kitchen was somewhat slower which I assumed meant they’re baking more bread, I was more than ok with this. The portions at Café Ruby are not that big but the quality of the food can justify the prices.

The breakfast special at Café Ruby

The breakfast special at Café Ruby

The Plus One went for the Boere Breakfast (Two rashers of bacon, two fried eggs, grilled tomato, boerewors, mushrooms and two slices of farm bread) at R60 while The Eleven Year Old and I had the poached eggs, bacon, mushrooms and basil on toast special at R59. On the corner of my toast I added a splash of strawberry jam which went down swimmingly with the pesto. The Eight Year Old supplemented his mini farm breakfast (a fried egg, crispy bacon and a slice of toast) with another piece of toast (R20 + R5).

"Why do you keep taking photos of my food" - The Eight Year Old

“Why do you keep taking photos of my food” – The Eight Year Old

If rap music videos thaught us anything it will be that it isn’t extravagant until you open a bottle of Crystal. Or a bottle of Altydgedacht MCC Blanc de Blanc at a reasonable R95. Next time I might just order toast with pesto and strawberry jam and the bottle (or two it’s Payday Breakfast after all).

The men's restroom door is wallpaperd with traffic fines

The men’s restroom door is wallpaperd with traffic fines

The décor of Café Ruby is a minimalist shabby chic with unexpected quirky touches. The bathroom doors of the ladies bathroom is decorated with vintage magazine adverts, pretty but this kind of design element has been done death by most quirky establishments. The men’s restroom doors had a different spin on the concept. They are adorned with final notices of traffic fines, by far the most expensive wallpaper I have ever heard of!

*Level 5 being the most uitspattig 

Photos by @glanskind

Klein Roosboom

Klein Roosboom

The Plus One with the kids

The Plus One with the kids

With The Plus One in the vinyard

With The Plus One in the vineyard