I have a blog but I’m not a blogger. Much like having a soul and not being a soldier (thank you for that one The Killers). As much as I want to sound cool and make jokes about how my mother is the only one who will read this I can’t. I love getting comments from strangers. The less it’s about your porn website the better.

This blog is just a bit of fun. A few rants about life, typos (I make them I don’t rant about them), a review or two and some of my DIY projects. I like short blog posts and long headings.

The name janadidthis came about when I was looking for a Twitter handle that was less lame than @jjevh. For a few days I was @mostlysanejane and a few others equally bad. After a week of terrible handles I stuck with @janadidthis which was inspired by Cartoon Network’s Cow and Chicken (Cow’s bad ass cousin Sow goes on a petty crime spree which she pins on Cow. At one point Sow trashes a place and leaves the graffiti “Cow Did This” against the wall.)

Contact me at janadidthis AT gmail DOT com if you have something nice to say – or something mean in a creative way.



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