Bacon on Bree: Bacon for people who eat carbs

Bacon on Bree

The Plus One getting an eyeful of Salma Hayek

I gave my Plus One a side eye worthy of Michelle Obama as he nibbled on Salma Hayek. But I was being unreasonable as I was taking hearty bites out of Harvey Specter. This wasn’t one of those couple celebrity free passes, Bacon on Bree keeps an already interesting menu spicy by naming their sandwiches after movie stars, TV characters and movies.

After being up North for a week I was hungry for a classic Cape Town breakfast. I could taste the Jason Bakery doughssant already. But Jason Bakery had other plans for the long weekend that didn’t include my pastry needs and was boarded up.

Bacon on Bree

Top left: The Harvey Specter on the pig shaped plate. Top right: In the shaddow of a church, it was Easter weekend after all. Bottom right: Not on the menu (yet), the baconccino. Bottom right: Foto credit – Bacon on Bree/Facebook

Just up the street there’s a row of establishments squished together, each quirkier than the rest. Mother’s Ruin are amongst these with excellent gin cocktails. Its neighbour has a signature ingredient with a slightly wider appeal, bacon.

The service was extremely friendly and helpful, yet we had to ask twice for my Bacon Mary and three times for the Plus One’s second flat white. They did indulge us with 2 rashes of bacon with the coffee so the Plus One could create world’s first baconccino (patent pending).

Crispy and thin, we both wiggled a rasher of bacon out of our respective sandwiches to taste it by itself first. I was reminded of a Parks and Recreation episode where Ron Swanson asks a waitress to bring him all the bacon and eggs in the place. He calls her back – and to paraphrase – says that he doesn’t mean that he wants a lot of bacon, he wants ALL the bacon.

I’m willing to ask three times, I want all the bacon (and ciabatta) at Bacon on Bree.

Bacon on Bree
217 Bree Street, Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 422 2798
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Book review: Death by Carbs – Paige Nick

Death by Carbs

Death by Carbs

All books needs a goodie and badie (protagonist and antagonist if you will). For the best selling Real Meal Revolution it’s bacon vs carbs*. Death by Carbs is not as clear cut.

I came across Death by Carbs in the biography section of CNA. Paige Nick’s latest novel (yes CNA, a work of fiction) is set in a fictionalsised (sorry CNA, now I’m just being douchey) Cape Town where South Africa’s premier sport scientist, Tim Noakes,  has been murdered. Who-donut (now I have to apologize to Paige, she told the joke better)… I mean whodunit?

With jealous co authors, the worst hijackers ever and general pleps hoping to cash in on the banting craze there’s more than enough suspects. But don’t work too hard trying to figure it out,  the SAPS sure ain’t making the effort. And if you nodded in agreement to that South Africanism, casual pessimism about the police, you’d enjoy this novel dipping into the best and worst of South African culture.

Downsides: I would have liked to see more female characters. Misspelling Marian Keyes’ name**.

Is Death by Carbs a very thinly veiled brand extension of the Real Meal Revolution? Or is it a brilliant yet accessible critique on the fickle 24 hour news cycle and herd mentality of social media in South Africa? Possibly both, but it’s a good holiday read.

Above all Death By Carbs is a great icebreaker for that awkward dinner with the in-laws this Easter. “Fabulous cake Tannie Marge…. (crickets)… so how would you off Tim Noakes?”

* I think, couldn’t be bothered to read it.

** In the first draft of this review I spelt Noakes wrong multiple times. Thanks for pointing that out Paige!