Hebron Estate: Happily stranded in Piketberg

In April we did something very few people do, we actually returned and paid full price on accommodation we previously visited on heavily discounted coupon.

Hebron Estate Manor House

(Top) The Plus One took over the daybed when I went for a quick refill. (Bottom left) Earth hour

Hebron Estate does autumn very well with crackling fires and a lawn carpeted with multi-coloured acorn tree leaves. Its summer, at least the version we experienced early April, was marked with warm evenings, lounging by the dam pool and a lawn that is now plush and bouncy.

The Saturday we were almost stranded when the keys broke off in the ignition after the boys went for a mild 4×4 excursion around the farm. But in the spirit of the weekend everything worked out, the Plus One put a dusty engineering degree to good use and fixed the problem that had the potential of running into triple digits, all with a miniature screw driver set bought in Piketberg for a measly R12.

While the boys were out breaking keys and taking selfies with sheep I settled in on the wraparound porch’s day bed overlooking the mountains with a book. I only planned on reading a chapter before hitting up some trashy reality tv starring an assortment of Kardashians. I didn’t move for hours, and then only because there was food and bubbly down at the dam pool.

Hebron Estate Pool

(Top) The Teenager got lost in translation in a panoramic shot (Bottom left) The deck braai (Bottom right) Getting every drop out of a bottle of Graham Beck Bliss

Proprietor Elmien Uys coined the term dam pool as the pool is fashioned out of an cattle trough. I came to love the deck-chairs under the acorn trees with the same intensity I had last time for the fireplace. The small drum braai on the deck might look silly next to the other 2 braai options in the big house, but we ended up using it the most as it keeps the whole family together even when everyone does their own thing around the pool.

Hebron Estate 4x4

(Top left) The R12 fix (Left) The real dam (Bottom left) First driving lesson

The manor house was largely unchanged in the 2 years, with the notable exception of a sturdy wooden table proudly baring Hebron’s label in the place of a glass table, much better for family board gaming.

As they had no one checking in the next day we were encouraged to book out anytime on the Sunday. We shamelessly abused their kindness and only hit the road at 17:00.

Hebron Estate
Tel: 022 914 5353
Cell: 083 226 8878

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