How to be the perfect guest at Up The Creek’s 25th B’day

This year marks the quarter century celebrations of Up The Creek. It is very easy to be the perfect guest to the birthday party, just show up with your pre-purchased ticket (there won’t be any available at the gate) and don’t be an asshole. Up The Creek sold outBut wait, there’s more:

Drink to the birthday festival’s health

Through careful planning and general classiness one can easily drink from your car’s boot all weekend. However it is downright rude not to toast the birthday festival with a Titanic and/or Iceberg at the bar at least two times.

Engage in the “friendly” competition

The best float competition is a serious business. Last year’s winners had a floating boerewors braai. Along with bragging rights, best float wins 2x weekend passes for Up the Creek 2016, 2 Kirstenbosch tickets for an upcoming show of your choice as well as Sedgwick`s and Ray-Ban Hampers.

Up The Creek

Up The Creek Photo: Supplied

For the slightly less competitive, Float with the Mostest by piling all your friends onto one float. The float with the most people wins a Titanic for everyone on board.


Add to the party atmosphere by pimping your campsite with fairy lights/pretty things, the added bonus is being able to easily find your home away from home after a few rounds of Icebergs.

Trust the organisers’ music taste

No need to play music from your car speaker or phone, even the furthest camps are still able to hear the music from the main and bar stages.

Clean up after yourself

Let the memory of you be all those killer pics on Instagram and not the pile of beer cans on your camping spot.

Up The Creek 2015 takes place 29 January – 1 February 2015.

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Update: Up the Creek 2015: Rain, OBS cocktails and a medic


Theatre Review: Robert Fridjhon’s Wild

If you Googled “Wild” hoping to read about Reese Witherspoon’s new Oscar bait film, I have to apologise by making you land on this blog. I have to concede some SEO voodoo might have pulled you here. But it’s in your best interest to stay for there’s another wild tale you really shouldn’t miss, Robert Fridjhon’s one man show Wild at Theatre on the Bay.  Wild

Wild is a mashup of How I Met Your Mother, Defending the Caveman and The Lion King condensed to 80 minutes and directed by Alan Committee. The narrative bounces back and forth punctuated by a phrase the audience grows to know very well, “Let me start again”.

Through many stop/starts the crazy tale, the kind one usually only hears at 2am in a bar, starts to unfold. Fridjhon is an Animal. He is also a self-confessed asshole and completely trashed in a strip club on a Friday afternoon. He has to save his relationship with Safe Suburban Nicky over dinner that evening, but first he has to be the Animal at the staff party at a strip club, have an intimate altercation with a stuffed lioness trophy and gain a new perspective on his life.

Fridjhon methodically paints the set with words, sculpting a dingy strip club into a complete lion enclosure from thin air. The audience leans forward as Ruby the lion stalks him through the long grass. They feel the compressed air on their skins as his little Scottish mother deflates the pool.

A minor but spectacular case of “theatre inception” occurs with throwbacks to Defending the Caveman, a role director Alan Committee has reprised for many seasons on the very same stage.


I am an Animal!

At the core of any good wild story is the element of truth, that hint of reality that makes the impossible seem plausible. Wild is based on Fridjhon’s experience of working at an animal sanctuary, and his genuine love wildlife is evident in all his elaborate anthropomorphic animal characterisations, all of which add depth to an already strong performance.

With Wild, Robert Fridjohn introduces a playfully intelligent brand of humour to the stage. It truly delivers on its tagline, “It’s a comedy that will sink its teeth into you.”

So if gossip reaches you of your significant other’s Wild night at Theatre on the Bay any time between now and the end of January you have every right to be furious. Watching great theatre without you?! Very few relationships can survive betrayal that deep.

Catch Wild’s limited run at Theatre on the Bay until 31 January 2015. Ten percent of Robert Fridjohn’s earnings from the play will be donated to the Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary in Paarl.

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