Bliki Tin Shak, jaffles and the best watermelon in the Garden Route

The quirky rusted decor style, the illegitimate half-sister of shabby chic, might be full of holes but it’s still standing strong. Bliki Tin Shak, a textbook example of this style, popped op just outside Great Brak River on the Garden Route a few months ago. Bliki Tin Shak With the addition of few succulents, inviting chairs and bright fraying bunting, an old barn on the side of the road was transformed into Bliki Tin Shak. The menu is simple: jaffle with salad or pie with salad, both R30. For the sweet tooth there’s a cake of the day which was carrot cake on our visit, we opted for a few apricot sweets. Bliki Tin Shak jaffle Even though I’m off bread I didn’t fight the temptation to order the jaffle, it felt like the kinda place to have traditional South African fast food. When asked about the filling the Tannie was very adamant about the quality of the meat. It’s not P&P or Checkers meat she insisted, she’s ‘allergic’ to fat and the butcher made it front of her. The quality was as good as the Tannie promised. Taste wise it was fair, I would have preferred slightly stronger flavouring. The side salad was excellent and it was a kick seeing it “harvested” minutes before gracing our plates. If you’re very brave and happen to be fond of ginger beer, Bliki Tin Shak’s homemade variety (R15) is worth a try. It is quite potent, not too sweet and very refreshing. But best don’t drink it on the road as they are known to POP! due to the fermentation. Bliki Tin Shak Sitting on the porch, one can hardly see or hear the busy main road that is a few meters away and there is more than enough space for children to safely run around. A few meters down on the opposite site of the road you will find the humble “Padstal”. Open throughout the season including public holidays, the hardworking couple at this farm stall vends the best (in price* and taste) watermelons in the area. For padkos try one of their Hertzoggies at R3 a tartlet.

Bliki Tin Shak Address: R102, Voorbrug, Great Brak River (-34.03406703579071, 22.266339763982614)
Tel: 083 733 1761
Open 09:00 – 18:00 weather permitting

Photos by the Plus One

*Update 24 December: When we retuned to the Padstal yesterday we were sad to see that the price of watermelons went up drastically.


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