Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells: Sounds like a band, acts like a festival

You rarely leave a festival looking better than you did when you arrived, but then Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells isn’t your regular festival. Where in the world – and by world I mean Cape Town – would you find beautiful girls dressed to the nines with red lips, updos and flared dresses only to hang around a dirt track?

Photo credit: Carina Roux/TygerBurger

Photo credit: Carina Roux/TygerBurger

Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells is the quintessence of rockabilly, an alternative subculture that brings the 50s greaser culture into the 21st century. To completely oversimplify, it’s what Grease would have looked like if a Suicide Girl was cast as Sandy instead of Olivia Newton John and the backtracks were scrapped in favour of a swinging rock/blues band.  Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells

The first few stalls assisted in the cosmetic transformation of a regular Jill and Joe into a bombshells and dusty rebels. The queue stretched long for pinup girl hair styles such as the victory roll from the talented ladies at Scar. Next door natural makeup was wiped off in favour of cat eyes and full red lips by the Mac makeup artists. Local barber, Barnet Fair, set up shop on the back of a bakkie where patrons could keep smoking while getting their quiffs styled.Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells

Only in its second year the organisation at Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells already runs relatively smoothly with more than enough food stalls, clean toilets and entertainment to go around. The only element really lacking was a programme posted somewhere, even if it was just online.

The hub of excitement was at the dirt track where hotrods revved up into a mighty ball of dust and a few kookier vehicles (think hearse) trying to navigate their way through.

The Hot Rod Honeys bashing it out with The Swingin Kittens

The Hot Rod Honeys bashing it out with The Swingin Kittens

The sport(s) weren’t just limited to the petrol guzzlers. The Hot Rod Honeys and The Swingin Kittens made up of skaters for the Cape Town Rollergirls held a roller derby exhibition match that had many a jaw drop. These girls are the height of badassdom. Look them up on Facebook, they’re recruiting!

In the centre of it all was the music that only really got its due when the dirt track closed and other activities quieted down a bit. Martin Rocka and the Sick Shop (I kept hearing Sex Shop), was a flamboyant brash of rock n roll. In fact with his Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling mask and red silk robe the lead singer looked like he would be very comfortable in a seedy sex shop. Their music has an honest, if a little obnoxious, quality that only a self-confessed tw*t can produce. As this is a family friendly website I will leave it at that…

An awesome Hiss Happ creation

An awesome Hiss Happ creation

If there was ever a subculture in need of a festival it is rockabilly. A lifestyle for some, a colourful break from reality for others, start practising those victory rolls gals, the Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells will rock again.

Click here for more images by the TygerBuger.


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