Petits Fours: A nibble of France in Bloubergstrand

Petits Fours was one of our favourite breakfast haunts. French shabby chic with the most adorable blue and pink cast iron tables on its porch, we spent many a happy Sunday eating single serving quiche with broccoli salad drinking imported flavoured tea from delicate glass cups.

This happy memory was smashed one Saturday when said tea was served in a cup that must have been stolen from Spur. Everything else was also off, the once attentive friendly waitress was gone and the quiche was dry. Coupled with a new manager who was snarky when we mentioned this, we resolved to find a new favourite. Petits Fours Bloubergstrand

A rumour of new management weakened our resolve and we once again found ourselves there, this time for lunch, and it was lovely. I decided not to tempt the universe by asking for tea. Petits Fours Bloubergstrand-SpecialtySalad

My order, the Petits Fours specialty salad, is the salad that other salad moms warn their salad children about. Totally badass and delicious. The healthy bed of lettuce and baby tomatoes is desecrated by stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon topped with onion rings and served with a sweet dressing on the side. Like an Arab at a US airport the onions are well padded down, not leaving a trace of oil on the healthier real salad stuff below. The chicken that’s cut in wheels looked a bit dull, a bit like sweet potato, but was wonderfully soft and juicy.

Dessert was a mini dark chocolate cake topped with rich dark icing and a strawberry.Petits Fours Bloubergstrand-ChocolateCake

Petits Fours is a prime example how a restaurant can have all the elements in place, prime location, view of Table Mountain, and still fold under the wrong management. Luckily this was turned around. Even though white and mint picnic tables have replaced the quirky blue and pink cast iron round tables that drew us initially, Petits Fours still has a quirky charm. A charm once again backed up with fantastic service and really special food.

Petits Fours
20 Stadler Road, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town
021 554 4462


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