Cape Town’s sushi factory

“Fortune is about to smile on you” professed the R5 fortune cookie. I expected another Irish lottery win but got something even better, 20 beautifully rolled pieces of fresh sushi in 13 minutes. As we were warned of a 45 minute wait when placing the order this was quite fortunate indeed. Soundlessly the Plus One picked up our order while someone who ordered before us still waited for his. NuriSushi

Nuri Sushi is a “sushi factory” just around the corner from the Eastern Food Bazaar in Cape Town’s CBD. The sushi is so good not even the lack of a liquor licence can deter the crowds. The high ceilinged restaurant has one long communal counter with high chairs running down the middle with smaller tables scattered on either side. The atmosphere is friendly but not exactly a place where one would kuier for hours.

We shared the salmon platter at R159 that consisted of sashimi, roses, California rolls and bamboo rolls. I wasn’t too crazy about the bamboo rolls, which was basically a Cali roll wrapped in cucumber, but the Plus One did which is what makes sharing a platter so great.

The rock shrimp that floated above our heads to the next table looked amazing and will definitely be on my order next time along with the steamed Edamame Beans (I stole one from the stranger/friend-I-haven’t-met-yet sitting across me on the counter, yes I’m that person).

I still believe that Willoughby’s makes the best overall sushi in Cape Town, but Nuri is a close second with bonus points for reasonable prices.

Nuri Sushi
8 Parliament Street, Cape Town CBD
021 461 8719


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