Theatre review: …miskien

What gives a play the staying power to run for 5 years? Beyond the entertainment value, it’s to make the audience feel something. A feeling that will linger longer than a Carly Jepson earworm. On a stage littered with crunched up balls of paper, …miskien does just that.

miskien…miskien (Afrikaans for maybe) has a universal message told through two authentic South African characters. Two clock watchers (Albert Pretorius and Gideon Lombard) going through the motions of life, biding time until the next happy hour. Over Windhoek and Amstel they talk a big talk but the real conversation lies in the gaps.

The production is in English with a sprinkling of Afrikaans for emphasis and was written by the cast and director Tara Notcutt.

Pretorius, who won the New Icon award at the Silwerkermfees Awards last month, is absolutely brilliant. After seeing his emotional monologue in the film adaptation of Balbesit, where the camera was so zoomed in close enough to see his pores, I did not think it was possible to experience him more vulnerable. In …miskien he might as well have been naked.

…miskien is a production for true theatre lovers. There is a lot to chew on. Not that the play is pretentious, far front it, one merely needs to be in that mind set to take it all in and appreciate the elegant story telling.

Forget physical comedy, miskien is physical drama. The real story is told through glances, loaded physical contact and crashing to the floor.

…miskien runs at the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio from 2 to 27 September at 20:15. Tickets to Baxter Mondays cost R100, which includes a light meal. Tickets on Tuesdays are R120 for 2 tickets. Tickets to the 100th performance on 25 September tickets cost R145. Student tickets cost R65. All other tickets cost R120.


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