Winter Solstice in Hangklip


Hangklip Photo Credit: Supplied

I love the term getaway, so descriptive. However it falls slightly short of explaining our latest family trip, it was a getFARaway. Though technically not far in time, the converted WWII radar station might as well be in another time-zone. Propped against the mountain with only a steep private road connecting us to the physical outside word (sadly the signal was excellent, but more about that later).

The facilities of the accommodation are basic, but the important stuff were there, like a fridge to chill the MCC and champagne glasses to serve it in. Everything one could possibly need to have a cosy weekend on the coast, gas heater and all. The kids got over the horror a TV-less weekend with board games, pool and running around screaming at each other, also known as exploring I am told.

The watchful eye of the lighthouse peeped in every once in a while though a crack in the bedroom curtains. Thanks to this and the sound of waves crashing in a distance I actually enjoy my regular 6am Saturday internal clock wakeup time. It was Winter Solstice after all, the shortest day of the year.

A weekend in Instagrams

A weekend in Instagrams

Saturday breakfast was my specialty waffles and bacon, mostly special because it tops the short list of dishes I can make. Premix is awesome. Only hard core carbs can get you through a day of antiquing. The Plus One found a few fabulous vintage signs while I got a wedding cape topper in nearby Romantiques in Hermanus.


The view from Hangklip and the outside braai Photo Credit: Supplied

So is this Tim Noakes diet thingy is quite a big deal right, or do they just have excellent marketing? Either way the full page dedicated to the protein drenched in fat diet at Fusion got no love from us. We opted for their special, 2 plates of fish and chips and a bottle of house wine for R150, the kids had a non-alcoholic version. The portions are huge and were enough to share with the marimba band playing Adele and Shakira covers across the street.

As I mentioned the cell reception is really good, which means we were all still on our phones way more than we should be. It also meant that we could stay the full weekend while I did a rather painful Sunday morning shift in front of my laptop with a view that commanded attention while the boys were out gallivanting with penguins.


Stony Point Penguin Colony in Betty’s Bay Photo Credit: Plus One

Whether it was pity for me or the cuteness of the penguins but the boys were very quick to suggest another trip to the Stony Point Penguin Colony in Betty’s Bay when I finally finished my shift. And are they cute? My goodness. The setup it really fantastic, R10 gets you through the gates with penguins as far as you can see while walking on a shipshape wooden walkway.

Leaving Hangklip was very hard especially with a lighthouse left unexplored, yes sometimes I also like running around screaming. The feeling of complete isolation while still being minutes away from a coke in a glass bottle and ghost pops seller is a feature I value highly in accommodation.

In the afterglow of our pervious family getFARaway the South African tour of my favourite band Billy Talent was confirmed. And as luck will have it my Monday Blues was once again blasted away with the announcement of the Foo Fighters’ first SA tour. Yes that band that everyone requests when asked on Facebook by the festivals pretending to get input is finally coming to South Africa! 10 December in Cape Town and the 13th in Jozi.

For Hangklip accommodation bookings contact:
Bertus van Niekerk
083 231 6473

14 Aberdeen Street, Hermanus
028 312 4226

Fusion Restaurant
Village Square, Marine Drive, Hermanus
028 312 4277


2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice in Hangklip

  1. Jana, new tenants stopped by and read your article today – which prompted me to have a read through again. It’s bee a year hey.. So many things changed since then. It’s time you revisit me thinks… 😉

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