Kirstenbosch’s Boomslang: Another one for the Cape Town top 10 lists

The newly opened Boomslang Tree Canopy Walkway at Kirstenbosch is enchanting, however, like with most my posts, there’s the tiniest of buts…


You REALLY need a wide angle lens to capture the walkway at its best. Photo credit: Andrew Harrower/Kirstenbosch Facebook page

The Boomslang experience is a lot like the cable cars up Table Mountain, completely anticlimactic if you don’t experience it as a whole. You won’t just ride up Table Mountain and immediate go back down right? No, you need to explore a bit, laugh at the Norwegian tourist running around without a shirt or sunblock and breathe in the view.

Likewise you’ll be missing out if you don’t explore the rest of the garden, pack a picnic basket or grab a Vida e hot chocolate (to go of course, the Kirstenbosch parking lot is prettier than most but there’s much nicer things to look at).

We had some silly dress up fun in our AfrikaBurn gear with the kids.

From Boomslang’s viewpoint it looks like the greenery is sneaking up on the city, ready to engulf it, and you can’t help but root for Mother Nature. It is really commendable the way the structure blends in with the trees, from a distance one can only spot it if someone is wearing a particularly loud outfit.

Other than continuously walking in on other people’s photos, the downside of sharing the walkway with 100 or so people is the movement, a ‘gentle’ sway if you will. The information board at the entrance of the walkway warns: “…It is a curved steal bridge and is designed to flex and move back and forth but be assured that this in no way affects it’s stability or capacity to support loads…”

Of course this is not a problem at all if you are a normal human being. It’s only really problematic if you’re a lightweight like me who gets queasy at the mere thought of those spinning tea cups. I still felt mildly lightheaded 2 hours after, though the few minutes spent on the walkway was totally worth it. The kids and the Plus One and pretty much everyone else, however, were perfectly fine. KirstenboschBoomslang2

Ideally I’ll recommend planning your stroll/photo session down Boomslang until the weather is better and the crowds have died down. But who am I kidding, this is Cape Town in June, the weather is only going to get worse and the crowds are unlikely to be scared off by a few clouds when there’s a shiny new attraction.

So throw on that rain jacket and a scarf or 2 and leave the flimsy sea sick folks to roam the enchanted forest.

There is no addition costs for the Boomslang Tree Canopy Walkway. Gate fees: Adults: R45 SA Students (with card): R25 Children (6 – 17 years): R10 Under 6 years: Free

Address: Rhodes Drive, Newlands, Cape Town


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