For the weeks leading up to AfrikaBurn I could not talk about anything else, all my conversations lead to the Tankwa Karoo. Damn, I must have been so annoying. Yet here I am, with the Tankwa dust barely scrubbed from my pores and I don’t know what to say to the people who are actually asking out of their own accord.

* Click here for my 2015 AfrikaBurn post with images 1544370_10152404075353970_4838156274535401157_nLife changing? Not quite but I do feel lighter somehow. I also like people a lot more now. I like Hennie and Maired who kept us a wonderful camping spot for a week overlooking the highest structure. I like the wonderful man who gifted us with jaffels just after we finished our 3 hour shift greeting and searching cars at Die Hek (the gate) in the blistering heat. I don’t even like jaffels but those were made with love and were just so perfectly timed. I like that people go to so much trouble to look fabulous in the middle of the desert.


We gifted Polaroid style instant Fujifilm photos

I loved the larger than life structures and watching as they burn to the ground.

I loved that everyone had their own way to express themselves at AfrikaBurn. We went on a walk about far into the field the Saturday and was accidentally flashed by a girl who was completely naked under a loose robe. She covered herself up so fast my brain almost didn’t process it. She wasn’t one of those girls prancing about completely in the nude; she went were she should have been alone with her man. How beautiful is that?

I loved sitting in the middle of nothing watching the sunset with my Tankwa husband and a bottle of Pongrantz.

As you can see I just don’t have the words to express what AfrikaBurn meant to me. The Plus One took a few amazing pics that will do a better job. 10170682_10152404076348970_2353830811699156652_n 10170959_10152404078593970_4793402825873648817_n 1480764_10152404078418970_5331304300525102179_n 10290643_10152404078163970_1000921148302698687_n 10246669_10152404077668970_8280398802137681752_n 10262057_10152404077578970_4295724570553542594_n 10257001_10152404077283970_7648839748814852184_n 10252179_10152404079118970_4740711285117128939_n 10257696_10152404075958970_2707535876222946071_n 1486589_10152404077593970_5759898053758939026_n  10342814_10152404075278970_7444170274508679985_n 1922516_10152404075043970_8559735729623029367_n 10311890_10152404074688970_7572914226285425913_n 10169231_10152404074618970_6406766508555739186_n 10250205_10152404074708970_4851626145484370656_n 10258947_10152404074203970_534169657590056832_n 10273451_10152404075448970_4918163423424665145_n 10174909_10152404076438970_1268398094051792990_n 10276005_10152404078803970_2823748476695876737_n


4 thoughts on “AfrikaBurn.

  1. Oe I’m on a blog! Beautifully said Jana, and awesome pics Morne 🙂 Can’t wait for AfrikaBurn 2015! Raz and I already started talking about it yesterday. Once a burner always a burner x

    • You’re part of my AfrikaBurn adventure, of course you’re here! I’m in the process of creating a suitcase where I can collect accessories and clothing throughout the year, felt so badly prepared in that department.

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