Diesel & Crème and the Lady in Red on Route 62


Diesel & Crème Photo credit: D&C Facebook page

A shiny Harley Davidson stands guard on the stoep, keeping watch over the unmatched tables and chairs seating a clientele who seems even more mismatched; bikers and tannies enroute to Oudtshoorn for the KKNK.20140331_154143

We stopped by the newly opened Diesel & Crème last week on our way down Route 62. In December we got a quick tour of the earlier stages of the project on our first visit to Barrydale. Though not as open and airy as we thought it would be (a kitchen was added on since we were last there), it’s a quirky stopover to stretch one’s legs. On second thought quirky is not an adequate word to describe the over the top vintage bomb that exploded in Diesel & Crème. Anyone even mildly interested in vintage signs, coke memorabilia and petroliana will be foam at the mouth at proprietor Arthur’s extensive collection.Diesel & Creme

There is something childishly decadent about Diesel & Crème’s Lady in Red milkshake. I like milkshake, I love red velvet cake, why not mix ‘em together?! The effect is a wonderfully creamy shake with chunks of red velvet cake that won’t dare to get soggy. Quite pricey at R32 but totally worth it for anyone who scoffs at the thought of a plain strawberry milk any old Wimpy could make. 20140402_164437[1]And now for a confession, this is a sponsored post. Well, kind of… and anyone is interested my going rate is a packet of chips, 4 sweets and a lollipop. (I settled the bill myself). Before I start sounding like a fancy pants blogger (ha, all they get is designer sunglasses), let me explain. D&C rewards their customers who post pics of their experience on Twitter or Facebook with a lucky packet filled with the goodies mentioned above. Who said taking food pics was a waste of time?

Diesel & Crème
Address: Route 62 Barrydale
Contact: 028 572 1008


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