Kaai 4: A bite of Namaqualand with an ocean view

One of the first clues that Kaai 4 is not your typical seaside restaurant is the fact that their menu is limited to 2 seafood dishes. With its 180 degree view of the ocean it does not need to conform to anything. Like having waiters. Kaai4

Kaai 4 serves South African ‘braai cuisine’ in a down to earth fashion. All orders need to be placed at the bar and the menu ranges from R15 for roosterkoek and jam to R85 for the lamb braai pack with salad and bread. It’s comfort food and there’s lots of it, the portions are exceptionally generous. All the food is made outside on an open fire.

We discovered the ‘braai restaurant’ December last year when we tried to hit up the popular Sea Gypsy in Mossel Bay for a bite of calamari. Their parking lot was packed and the presence of a large tour bus had us driving as fast as the dusty road would allow us.  Kaai4

Last weekend we were back with a birthday boy we took hostage a few hours earlier. I went slightly off menu asking for 3 things: roosterkoek, jam and bacon. With a small substitution of biltong for the bacon I got my perfect sweet salt combo washed down with white wine in a blik beker. The Plus One once again ordered the lamb pot which lived up to its promise when he had it in December. The birthday boy had roosterkoek with a dry chicken sosatie, the only lacking item on our table. 1908269_10152318248833970_1208628539_n

On our first visit Kaai 4’s proprietor, a gritty Namaqualand oomie, was greatly bemused my hipster tendency of taking pics of everything including my food (I took them all for you dear reader). He moved between the wooden picnic-tables, regaling the clientele with funny stories and dirty jokes. Believe me, any old story is a million times more entertaining told by someone with a hard-core Namaqualand accent.

Contact: 079 980 3981
Address: Quay 4, Mossel Bay Harbour


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