Cape Town, it’s time to commit to music

Fact: the Justin Biebers of this world will sell out stadiums for many years to come and no amount of bitching about it on Twitter or meme making will change this. However there is something you can do about the sad reality of great local artists playing to empty bars.

City Soirée uses crowdfunding to fill up events to a point where stage diving isn’t quite that sad. Their system is quite similar to the way group buying companies used to work: An event is created with a set number of pledges needed, once they’ve reached this goal the event is confirmed. If the pledges fall short of the goal the pledgees are refunded and the world misses out on what could have been the most amazing gig ever. Can you tell I really love this concept? Of all the initiatives born on The Internet, crowdfunding is up there with videos of cats. REBURN-CITY-SOIREE-EVENT-960x400

Getting Capetonians to commit to anything is quite the feat, so I commend City Soirée for even trying to get the Mother City to put her money where her taste is – a few weeks in advance nogal!

The next big City Soirée show is A majestic evening with Reburn and friends on 13 April at Nitida Wine Estate. At the time of posting this blog they were 70/100 strong on pledges.

Stop bitching about the state of the music industry and start pledging. Check out other great events hosted by City Soirée here.


That Saturday with the boot sale and the boot bubbly

Three Saturdays ago we packed a picnic basket and went to hunt down the Hemel-en-Aarde boot sale. We go to the Milnerton boot sale (more commonly known as the Milnerton Market) A LOT, I doubt we’ll ever get bored of it, however the prospect of digging through the discarded gems of another area held a lot of appeal. We did not have much to go on except an event listing on a website and a vague memory of someone telling me it was a cool place to check out. 1959684_10152229007614731_209423486_n

Halfway to Hermanus we stopped next to the road for the picnic breakfast and to toast the scenery we usually speed past with a glass of Graham Beck. The brute bubbles go down extra smooth when there’s a gaggle of silly cyclists going uphill to laugh at.1781961_10152595216463496_703510526_n

The boot sale (“Market in the Garden”) was somewhat different from our Milnerton Market experience. For one is very clean and organised, quite off-putting for bargain hunters such as ourselves. There was just one table with bric-a-brac the rest were new crafty items, food stalls and an old dude singing. 1959400_10152226665659731_1103087665_n

A visit at the pancake table dissolved all disappointment and by the second trip we were having a grand ‘ol time. I ordered the pancake filled with fresh lemon curd (made the day before according to the pancake tannie), which was delicious while the rest went for the classic cinnamon sugar. We washed it down with a hipster drink a piece, the Plus One had a Naked Mexican craft beer which he enjoyed until he didn’t anymore and L had the beeriest tasting beer with a deceptive girly name, Blonde beer. I was tricked into drinking rotten pear juice from a very pretty glass.

With a quick poll on Facebook the Plus One got us the names of two antique shops in Hermanus. Chilli Pepper has a really interesting collection of things but it’s all mixed up with new products, some made to look old, which makes it harder to find the gems. The Plus One found a spectacular robot arrow light for a song and I found a vinyl of My Fair Lady (the beginning of a theme party…). At the back of the shop there’s the Kitsch Café – a foreshadow of what our house will look like in a few years, filled Trechikoffs other klassy (see what I did there?) items. Still full from the pancakes we didn’t stay but the lemon meringue looked very very tempting. Untitled

I was particularly excited about our second stop, Romantiques, having heard great things about it from 2 different people. But not one of them told me about its biggest draw, the vintage department in the attic. Where other antique/vintage shops only use their really good stuff like vintage wedding dresses and top hats as displays, Romantiques actually sell theirs, you know like a real shop. Antique shop owners tend to be annoying attached to their good stock. According to one of the salesgirls only 2% of their stock are permanent display like the duke box and coke machine from the 50s that’s in working condition. Finding a top hat that fit the Plus One’s head almost made up for the skinny bitch wedding dresses that won’t fit my arm. I lie. I cried myself to sleep that night.Lizanne

They also have a great selection of… well pretty much everything. Signs, coke memorabilia (old and new), fine china, books, army memorabilia and tacky beer mugs that becomes porno when you fill it up. They also have a cinema that plays old movies. They don’t have card facilities so be sure to bring cash.