So you get Valentine’s Day and I’ll get lunch?

Last week I realised that I don’t actually hate Valentine’s Day, quite controversial I know. These days it’s all about the hate for V-day, whether you’re single or not. My own beloved Plus One got a few likes on Facebook for the following status: “Valentine’s day is for people that do not know how to love every day of the year.”

Just to clarify, I do not like the red roses in tacky cellophane, soppy cards, red and white colour scheme side of Valentine’s day. I love Love. I love the love that I’ve been showered with the past few years, so why can’t I celebrate it slightly more intensely on 14 February?

I started my campaign of bringing Valentine’s Day to a reluctant recipient with breakfast in bed in the form of his favourite pastry from vida e. It was way too early to eat but he did take it to work in Tupperware. unnamed

My picnic idea was scrapped after the scortching trip to buy ingredients, at 30 degrees+, I had to concede that it was just way too hot for a picnic. Plan B: Eat@Altydgedacht in the Durbanville wine route.

With a blocked phone (with love from MTN) I couldn’t make a reservation so I picked up The Plus One from work armed with ice-cream and a cold juice in case my half assed plan went south and we ended up driving from one wine farm to the next trying in search of a table.

We lucked out with our pick of Eat@Altydgedacht’s shady spots. The special for the day was “My favourite things platter for 2” at R115, not necessarily my favourite things but I do love platters/tapas. Why should I make decisions on full portions when I can have everything in smaller bites? The platter might look small in the photo (there was also a few slices of bread not pictured) but it was satisfyingly filling. unnamed2

The Plus One was very taken with the Angelfish pate and my taste buds made the mini chicken quiche in phyllo pastry its valentine.

The atmosphere is friendly and seductive in its tranquil surroundings. It felt like one of our weekend excursions an hour or so out of Cape Town (read more about that here and here), not even the odd truck heard from the main road a few meters away could convince us otherwise. Eat@Altydgedacht has a slow-food philosophy so best take small sips while waiting for your meal.

I can rate the success of my Valentine’s mission with the following statement the Plus One made: “So you get Valentine’s Day and I’ll get lunch?” Somewhere between a subtle heart-shaped wedges dish and a tiny bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, we found our V-day middle ground at Eat@Altydgedacht.

Contact: 021 975 7815
Address: Altydgedacht, Tygerberg Valley Road, Durbanville


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