Up The Kriek*

We were accustomed to quite a different standard of festival by the time that a friend introduced us to Up the Creek 3 years ago. Accustomed to an environment of rushing between overlapping stages not to miss anything the relaxed paced of UTC, with its stages that run successively, was an absolute treat. Then there’s a the river stage… oh a few hours of floating on the Breede River listening to bands, my skin ages an extra 2 years each time I go but it’s worth it. Up The Creek

We were lucky to basically get the same camping spot as last year with a lovely view of the valley. Of course we felt waaaay less lucky when we had to walk all the way down to get to a bathroom, something we’ll forgot when we camp in the exactly the same spot again next year.

Taxi Violence at Up The Creek Photo: Royal Lens Photography

Taxi Violence at Up The Creek Photo: Royal Lens Photography

But it wasn’t ALL about walking to the toilet and floating like an otter. One of my favourite finds of last year, Al Bairre took on all the lazy bums floating in the river from the river stage and almost won, while Desmond and the Tutus, Shortstraw, Black Cat Bones and Taxi Violence rocked hard on the Saturday night shift.  Up The Creek 2014

Read my full review for Howzit MSN here.

*Let’s just say someone had an almost close encounter with a cricket (kriek) in the bathroom.

Photos by The Plus One with his trusty GoPro and Royal Lens Photography.


Black Cat Bones at Up The Creek Photo: Royal Lens Photography

Up The Creek 2014


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