Theatre Review: Adapt or Fly

The set is cheap, similar minimalism but much trickier for reviewers to write long pretentious paragraphs about. The man/most famous woman in South Africa is unapologetic. The shots at politicians, priceless.

In Adapt or Fly Pieter-Dirk Uys tells a story you have heard a million times, because as a South African it is your story. Yes, it’s another freaking one man show about Apartheid (although not exclusively). But this one you really need to see, especially in this election year*.  AdaptOrFly

Politics will always dominate South African headlines, from the ridiculous, tragic and the absolutely infuriating. South African comedians have it easy, all they need to do is weave together a few newspaper headlines to get guaranteed laughs. As a satirist, however, Pieter-Dirk Uys needs to go somewhat deeper than that. The once the laughter of the audience has died down something else also needs to stay behind. An idea maybe? A nugget of truth that was hard to accept? This is what makes Uys so critical to South African theatre.

In Adapt or Fly Uys pokes fun at SA politics, one politician at a time. The first half of the show focusses mostly on the Apartheid Prime Ministers with a special guest opening by a man only slightly more evil than them, Adolf Hitler. The second half focuses on the Mandela years right though to beret wearing Malema.

The initial run earlier this yearnof Adapt of Fly at Theatre on the Bay completely sold out. Really impressive seeing as the show had a run at another theatre in the city last year. Theatre on the Bay squeezed in another 2 week run for the show from 7 – 19 April 2014.

*The general election takes place 7 May 2014


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