8 Hours of Synergy Live 2013

I really love festivals. Music festivals in particular but I’ve been known to be seduced by interesting food or wine fests as well. I proved just how deep this love goes on Friday using Synergy Live as a case study. SynergyLive

I have to work one weekend day for my day job so a weekend away usually takes some planning ahead. As Synergy is so close to the holiday season I decided not to try to twist the schedule to accommodate my obsessions.

So Friday after work we drove through to Villiersdorp, caught the tail end of Woodstock Mafia’s set, watched another 7 bands including Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and drove all the way back to Cape Town. 20131129_171119

It’s not how festivals should be done, in fact, it’s cheating. I didn’t get to dance at the electro stage. I didn’t get to check out up and coming acts at the Marshal tent. Almost hitting a bokkie on a dark stretch of road is scary. Working with hard news the next morning while humming a mashup of Bittereinder’s tunes is not easy, or recommended. But I did get to see one of my favourite bands of my youth. That makes me happy.

Read my full review for Howzit MSN here.


See no evil, hear all evil


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