New Year’s Eve for under R500

There is something about the calendar being reset that makes event organisers and restaurant proprietors go absolutely crazy with their prices.

Despite that there are still a few fun activities in and around Cape Town for under R500. Naturally I didn’t take additional drinks and food into account when putting together this list.

Table Mountain
Hop on the last cable car up the mountain at 23:00 and catch a ride down on the final descending car at 01:00. Don’t forget a warm top!
Cost: R105R215
This gets you: The best view in South Africa
For more information: 021 424 8181

The Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Show – Fugard Theatre
Spend the last few hours of 2013 ogling Rocky’s gold hot pants…
Cost: R190 – R310
This gets you: the honour of being in the company of a sweet transvestite.

Wrongly Accused – Masambe Theatre at the Baxter Theatre Centre
A little food for thought and a lot of comedy. Highly recommended.
Cost: R180
This gets you: A complimentary glass of sparkling wine or orange juice and a spectacular balloon drop.

Big Boys 2 – Kalk Bay Theatre
A dance spectacular with 2 lovely boys. This might be a good compromise of sorts if you have any religious family visiting during this time as Kalk Bay Theatre is housed is a converted church. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but this is a good family fun at a reasonable price.
Cost: R350
This gets you: Show, meal and a drink on arrival

Goldfish, Yoav and Tailor – Kirstenbosch
A picnic basket under the stars with music, sold!
Cost: R290

If you don’t indulge in TOO many bad habits a festival is one of the safest places you can be New Years as you’re off the roads and amongst likeminded people.
Cost: R470 (online presale)


Studio 54 – The Orphanage
Dance the night away with cool beats from Nick Matthews, Matthew Loots and Roy Hendrickse. I put this one last on the list because it has the potential of becoming dangerously expensive if you indulge in their killer cocktails. The Orphanage makes the most interesting cocktails in the city, and the more you drink the more interesting they become.
Cost: R200
This gets you: Entry, welcome drinks and canapés


DIY: Embroidered Christmas gift tags

Remember those Master Card priceless adverts where the child enjoys playing with the box more than the toys? I’m the grownup version of that. My favourite part of gift giving is the wrapping.

My gift wrapping project this year is felt embroidered tags. 20131211_160758


  • Felt (thick fabric like denim can also work)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Regular thread
  • Hard cardboard
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons


  • Scissor
  • Embroidery needle
  • Glue gun


  1. Cut the felt into a tag (I like the triangle against a rectangle shape, not sure if there’s an official name for it).20131202_124314
  2. Embroider the name onto the tag with simple stitches. I like the effect one gets by doing it free hand but if you want to make it more precise rather write the name on the felt and embroider over it.20131202_130001
  3. Stitch the button onto the ‘triangle’ part of the felt tag.
  4. Cut the cardboard into a rectangle that is slightly bigger than the felt ‘rectangle’ part. 20131202_135155
  5. Glue the ribbon in a small loop in the middle of the small side of the cardboard rectangle.
  6. Glue the felt tag onto the cardboard with the triangle slightly hanging over. 20131202_135254

Tip: If the tag is very small swap step 1 and 2 around. It’s much easier doing embroidery on a bigger piece of felt.


8 Hours of Synergy Live 2013

I really love festivals. Music festivals in particular but I’ve been known to be seduced by interesting food or wine fests as well. I proved just how deep this love goes on Friday using Synergy Live as a case study. SynergyLive

I have to work one weekend day for my day job so a weekend away usually takes some planning ahead. As Synergy is so close to the holiday season I decided not to try to twist the schedule to accommodate my obsessions.

So Friday after work we drove through to Villiersdorp, caught the tail end of Woodstock Mafia’s set, watched another 7 bands including Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and drove all the way back to Cape Town. 20131129_171119

It’s not how festivals should be done, in fact, it’s cheating. I didn’t get to dance at the electro stage. I didn’t get to check out up and coming acts at the Marshal tent. Almost hitting a bokkie on a dark stretch of road is scary. Working with hard news the next morning while humming a mashup of Bittereinder’s tunes is not easy, or recommended. But I did get to see one of my favourite bands of my youth. That makes me happy.

Read my full review for Howzit MSN here.


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