Monday night at Gourmet Boerie

A year ago, you might have associated the unassuming boerewors roll with  children’s parties, sport days and drunken munchies after a night out on Long Street. That was until it got a showy revamp by Gourmet Boerie.

I have always scoffed at the idea of a gourmet boerewors roll, yet one quiet Monday, still far from payday, we had an inkling for something different. An inkling that may have been sparked by a tweet advertising a 2-for-one special I saw earlier that day.

Gourmet Boerie Credit: Charlie Sperring/Gourmet Boerie Facebook page

Gourmet Boerie Credit: Charlie Sperring/Gourmet Boerie Facebook page

My biggest problem with these hipster joints are that they sometimes tend to be too cluttered. But Gourmet Boerie went with a clean wooden aesthetic and ran with it. The long wooden communal tables are spruced up with fynbos propped in an empty beer bottle.

To celebrate its first birthday there are  currently a few great specials at Gourmet Boerie. We went for a platter that comprised of 7 boerie sliders, large chips, 2 drinks and a mini dessert platter at R110.

A slider is essentially 2 bites of boerie. If you’re indecisive its be best thing to order on your first visit, but don’t share it if you’re very hungry. I found it filling but the Plus One had to order a full sized boerie takeaway. Gourmet-Boerie

I thought The Hangover Boerie that had just about everything, including bacon and avo, would be the tastiest, yet it was completely underwhelming. I liked The Gorgonzola (Creamy gorgonzola sauce with poached pear, caramelised pecan nuts and rocket), Chakalaka, a flavour I never would have ordered, and the Old School Boerie. The ultimate boerie happens to also be the most pretentious one of all, Pure Sophistication with caramelised onion, goats’ cheese, roast cherry tomatoes, basil pesto and rocket.

The dessert was slightly more spectacular than the establishment’s namesake. The mini desert platter consists of malva pudding, apple crumble and a piping hot milk tart. I found the apple to crumble ratio very satisfying.

While I enjoyed the super crispy shoestring chips the Plus One thought it tasted like cardboard. Something I agreed with once we got home with our Chakalaka takeaway boerie ‘meal” (R30 for a boerie chips and a Bos Iced Tea) and the chips had cooled down a little. The actual boerie was also not quite as good as those we had in store.

Gourmet Boerie’s food are at their optimal yumminess when they’re eaten in the restaurant. For fast food that will taste exactly the same the next day it’s best to go across the street to Micky Dees. For a great atmosphere, people watching and intense flavour (granted you finish the food on the spot), give Gourmet Boerie a try.


2 thoughts on “Monday night at Gourmet Boerie

  1. Hmmm, I had wondered about them. Boeries also always seemed like a pool party / Tin Roof thing. Thanks for sharing your experience, will give them a go! 🙂

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