Ron Swanson for ants

A year and a day ago, The Plus One proposed to me during an episode of Parks and Recreation. Not a conventional engagement story but for me it was the most romantic thing he could do.  Ron

Seeing as I still haven’t found him a ring yet I tried to compensate with a very special gift, one of Lorrain Loots’ Paintings for ants.

Lorraine has committed to painting one miniature a day for the whole of 2013. I started following the project after reading a blog post on I want a Dodo. What captured me most about the project was that it didn’t just focus at seemingly ‘spectacular’ subjects. Ranging from 2 tiny pigeon eggs in a nest to the former Athlone Cooling Towers, to a plastic toy dinosaur. Lorraine captures memories in 24 x 24mm – and sometimes even smaller than that.


Ron Swanson is the coolest character in Parks and Rec so picking him as the subject of my miniature was a no brainer. And yes, somehow I don’t think that he will approve of such “tom foolery”.


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