R’ing the Ds

Woodstock Mafia

Woodstock Mafia at Rocking the Daisies 2013 Photo credit: Woodstock Mafia Facebook page

Sjoe but there were a lot of people. 15 000 people all drawn to the West Coast town of Darling to Rock Daisies. In a sustainable way, of course.

When we rocked up at 10am on Friday the festival grounds were already packed tight. Priority parking was given to those who have carpooled, a nice gesture but we already had the ultimate parking spot, in the campervan area. At R200 extra one can purchase a limited campervan ticket where one can camp with ones car. In another lifetime the Plus One was big into 4×4 overland trips so the cruiser is completely kitted out. Other than the luxury of a running fridge and not having to carry our tents we had space that seemed to go on for days. I bet another 200 tents could have comfortably squeezed into the area. We did have to walk to the end of the festival to get to our spacious pad but it was worth it. My own personal Walking the Daisies, without the pretention that I’m saving the world. 1395945_10202019423024337_1392978364_n

The Plus One and I loved Woodstock Mafia whose debut album Defiance had found a semi permanent home on our car radio. Their live sound turned this up a few notches with louder (and longer) screams and guitar riffs. My sister preferred the mellow vibe of The Plastics. We all agreed on the crazy ass Al Bairre who drew in an impressive crowd for their early Saturday morning set.

I missed the enclosed area of previous Red Bull Studio Live stages. However, this did mean that we could enjoy the music from our tent. We listened to an insane set from The Cutt blasting from the Redbull stage while making pasta at the campsite as the sound was top class.

Saturday night was freezing. We planned on seeing all the international acts but as my toes startingfalling off one by one it became a case of, “Okay we’ll stay for 10 minutes of The Hives, mmmm or maybe the first song.” Once we moved into the crowd (we sat on the outskirts for Alt-J, only my sister was a fan) it was much better and after lead singer Pelle Almqvist’s first crazy monologue there was no way we were missing any of this.  The Hives

The Hives were absolutely magnificent.  Almqvist has a crazed drawl of a Southern gentleman reminiscent of Leonardo di Caprio’s character in Django Unchained. Their performance reminded me slightly of Billy Talent, especially in terms of energy and the way the leads drew in the crowd. As a prelude to their song ‘100 Answers’ Almqvist gave the audience the chance to ask them questions. A fellow Swede wanted to know if he could join them on stage to which Almqvist replied, “No, start your own band and give it 20 years.”

The Yays
The Hives!
Woodstock Mafia
R10 Jack Daniels shots
It didn’t rain
Showing my sister her first festival
Black Cat Bones
Bingo in the Lemon Tree Theatre
Rocking The Daisies App

The Nays
The horrible weather deprived us of most of the camp side kuier
People selling their tickets for up to R1750 on Gumtree, not cool
Long queues at the toilets (though I must say the Daisy Den cut the general queues for the ladies much shorter)
The Rocking the Daisies crowd did not seem to get Black Cat Bones at all, a pity because they source their energy from the audience.
Allowing the cold make me miss Skunk Anansie


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