Wedding DIY: Bachelorette-party-in-a-bottle

Whenever we visited anyone for longer than 10 hours my mother always gifted the hosts with bottles filled with preserves and savoury noodle salads. As much as I loved the bottles I only appreciated their true value when I had my own household and there’s nothing to serve with the braai.

The Bachelorette-party-in a-bottle alongside my mother's bottles

The Bachelorette-party-in a-bottle alongside my mother’s bottles

My kitchen skills are excessively limited to I came up with a different filling for my ‘bottles’.

The Bachelorette-party-in a-bottle is a quirky gift for the bride-to-be if you can’t make her bachelorette party. Alternatively it is a good way to include bridesmaids who live on the other side of the country/world.


You will need:
–          Bottle
–          Fabric or tissue paper square
–          Broad cellotape
–          A personalised label
–          Bubble wrap
–          Ribbon
–          ‘Filling’. Eg. single bottle shots, condoms, novelty lighter, tiny tiara, beauty queen sash, something X-rated, flash drive with a special playlist, inside jokes



  1. Wash the bottle a million times and ensure that it is dry.
  2. Wrap the single shot bottle(s) in a layer of bubble wrap.
  3. Place all the items in the bottle.
  4. Attached the label with the broad cellotape
  5. Cover the lid of the bottle with the fabric or tissue paper square and ribbon. To make it a little easier you can secure the square to the lid with an elastic band before adding the ribbon.

This Bachelorette-party-in a-bottle was Day One of an advent calendar for the week leading up to my lovely sister-in-law’s wedding. For everyday there’s a tiny gift for the bride-to-be. Let’s stop pretending to be adults and just admit that counting down the days like a 5 year old is AWESOME! Sister-in-law paid me the ultimate compliment when she told me that she actually stood up early to check the gift of the day on the public holiday before going back to sleep.

Because this particular bridal advent calendar is still underway I can’t reveal too much of it’s contents at this time.




Review: Gangs of Ballet with Al Bairre

Having seen Gangs of Ballet earlier this year at Kirstenbosch I attended the launch of their debut album, yes/no/grey, with high expectations. In sharp contrast to their gig in the gardens that had a slightly rocky start, they were absolutely impeccable at The Assembly. Their performance reminded me a lot of Zebra & Giraffe’s controlled style. Gangs of Ballet yes/no/greyIt was good to see that the radio hits and cross country tours have not ironed out their rock spirit as seen when lead singer Brad Klynsmith jumped off stage (right in front of me!) and moved about the crowd.  Klynsmith is a very tall and solid guy, whose towering physical presence allowed him to simply weave a path through the tightly packed Assembly crowd, where a scrawny hipster lead singer would have been crushed by the hyper fans.

Considering it was a debut album launch of a Durban band in Cape Town the size of the audience was really impressive.  I’ve seen launches of second albums in this very venue that did not draw such a packed crowd.  Highlights were the beautiful new single ‘Daydream’ and a song penned by drummer Josh Klynsmith, ‘Don’t Let Me Go’.  Al-Bairre

The Durbanites were supported by the ‘aggressively unfancy’ indie poppers Al Bairre, who had a crazy energy that I would have attributed to a handful of happy pills had I not been right at the front of the crowd from where I could see just how genuinely happy they were to be on stage. Lead singer Nicholas was so busy bouncing about that he missed a line here and there but this did not detract from the overall performance and sound. Their other USP is the lovely string instrumentalist pair, Tess and Julia, who were dressed in matching lacy outfits. This is what indie pop is about.  I highly recommend you make your Rocking the Daisies Saturday lunch time plans around the main stage at 12:10. Even if it’s not your genre, it will be worth it just for their cover of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’.

Don’t miss Gangs of Ballet on The Rocking the Daisies main stage at 6.25pm on the Friday and Al Bairre at 12.10pm on Saturday. Gangs of Ballet‘s debut yes/no/grey is available for download from iTunes here.

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The film festival on the banks of the Boere Riviera

Outside, Cape Town was having one of her casual apocalyptic storms while inside the Bay Hotel I was on my best behaviour. It is the strangest thing; I have spotted tons of my parents’ friends milling around already. After a while I realised that the beautiful lady drinking coffee at the table next to ours was in fact the actress Jana Cilliers and not my mother’s bestie.  All the other ‘friends’ were also a miscellany of the actors who graced our Saturday night small screen.


The event was KykNet’s Silwerskermfees that showcased a selection of Afrikaans short and feature films. We only went for the one day and oh how I wished I had Hermione’s time turner. Hard decisions had to be made. Offer

We really enjoyed Harald Richter’s short film Offer which was based on O Henry story, ‘The Gifts of Magi’. Because smudged mascara is a good way to start off a 10 hour day.


Prinses turned me into a horror fan for 30 minutes and is the reason why I won’t ever look a ballerina in the eye again. A certain soap star who sat next to me (okay, it was Brumilda van Rensburg) said with wide eyes, “Ek het nou ‘n Bakgat of iets nodig.” With so many of the newbie film makers loitering about one had to be very careful when giving an  opinion, unless you really stood by it. After watching Ompad someone next to me loudly trashed the student rampage short film with the whole cast sitting drinking coffee a few meters away. She just shrugged when this was pointed out to her.

I regret missing the screenings of Toevlug, Beskermhere and the Boer War zombie film Bloedson with their panel discussions earlier in the week. We were only there for the Friday. Luckily the short films will be available online. Anyone with uncapped internet free this weekend?

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