Haai Fokof!

This weekend my crush on Cape Town deepened. Not only does she give me rock shows on tap, they’re hosted in the most awesome of venues too. First up this weekend was Billy Talent at the City Hall Auditorium, a beautiful building but I need to back up my claims with photos. On Saturday it was Fokofpolisiekar in front of the predator tank at the Two Oceans Aquarium. No photographic proof needed that it was a cool venue but I’ll share it anyway.


The break from fokof’s usual stomping grounds was in honour of their live DVD launch, Forgive them because they suck k*k. Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Somehow I got it in my head that it was an acoustic set, I was way too deep into weekend mode to register all the plugged in instruments with only a sole acoustic guitar. So when Snake started pounding away on the drums I got quite the jolt. Overall it was a relatively mellow set for their standards, all the members’ sat on high chairs except for Wynand. He is so hyper I suspect he sleeps standing up.

It was their second launch with the fishes, having also launched their 2005 EP Monoloog in Stereo at the Aquarium. Liny Kruger, who has been part of the fokof machine from the beginning, did not want to reminisce too much on this. “As long as they are still playing, there is no need for nostalgia.”

It was the kind of event that created envy in people who are only mild fokof fans and broke the hearts of the hardcore ones.  But don’t worry, they’re playing another gig near Cape Town soon… Friday the 13th of September at a hostel in Stellies.


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