Theatre Review: The Rise of the Insanity League

The Insanity League is a troupe of crazies made up of Aaron McIlroy, John van de Ruit and Ben Voss. Through a series of sketches, they introduce the principles of The Insanity League… and the insanities of living on planet earth. The-Rise-of-the-Insanity-League

Insane comedians are the most fun to watch for two reasons: they will go to extreme lengths for a laugh, and those not in this league of insanity (see what I did there?) will never see it coming.

Brian's Brain - The Insanity League

From a post-apocalyptic political rendition of Under the Sea to the spot on SAPS’ version of YMCA, the musical numbers are pitched to hilarity. I found it interesting that most of the numbers were older songs, but this worked very well with the mixed audience. The members of The League are not shy to use outlandish costumes and props to create new characters. Although this was merely an extra punch added to the already great gags. A few tweaks of his rubber face is all McIlroy needs to create that waxy look of a certain opposition party leader (rhymes with Brazil). With a perfectly even – yet somehow still animated – voice and hand gestures, van de Ruit was a dead-on Jeremy Maggs. In fact, he did it so well it seemed like Maggs was doing a van de Ruit impression.


For me, The League truly proved themselves with their Oscar Pistorius joke. Any South African comedian who even thinks of making the “he doesn’t have a leg to stand on” bit should be sentenced to hard labour with The Insanity League.

Don’t be a Norman, go see The Rise of the Insanity League on at Theatre on the Bay until 1 September 2013.


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