Elle Editor’s Breakfast

Style talk with Elle’s Belles with a side of crispy bacon, what’s not to love? The event was the Elle Editor’s Breakfast and entrance was a clever comment on their website.


The way we consume magazines has changed drastically. Even those who still kick it old school with a copy bought from a supermarket don’t leave it at that. It’s all about added value on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Instagram and Pinterest. Elle takes this even further with events outside the digital realm like the Editor’s Breakfast.

At the Elle Editor’s Breakfast, hosted in the 3 major cities, readers have the opportunity to share their thoughts with the Elle team. Editor, Jackie Burger, broke the ice by having everyone introduce themselves and share what it means to be a woman in honour of Women’s Day. I am horrible with public speaking so what I said is a complete black hole in my memory. One of the Elizabeth Arden consultants stuck with me: “It’s the birth right of every woman to be beautiful.”

I felt confident putting my beauty routine in the hands of someone with this sentiment. Everyone received a skin consultation from Elizabeth Arden and products tailored to each individual’s needs. As part of the assessment they viewed my skin under a UV light. It felt extremely futuristic inside the light box with the beauty consultant’s huge eyes looking at me from the other side. It was absolutely terrifying to see my skin under the light with my freckles so prominent I could individually name them. My ‘bravery’ was rewarded with a toner, cleanser and ceramide capsules in Elizabeth Arden’s gold packaging. To paraphrase Jackie, they don’t do sample sizes.


Meeting Jackie reminded me of the day I met Nataniël, approachable but still more fabulous than anyone in the room. I complimented her on her stockings/shoe combination, “They’re from Woolies she said, “The stockings?!” me,” No, they’re from Paris.” She also shared the secret to her signature red lips (primer).

The morning was conducted in a casual manner. Jackie and the rest of the Elle staff answered some of the questions that were posted online by standing up where they were seated. This made the event feel very intimate. Readers also had the chance to ask questions or simply to add their opinion to the conversation.

The only damper on the event was the news that former Elle Rising Star winner Tiaan Nagel had closed up shop and will be a fashion director for the Sunday Times. A project on Tiaan scored me an 80% in varsity so I’ve always had a soft spot for him. In the press release he said: “Lately I have found it extremely difficult to keep on producing contemporary designer clothing in quality fabrics that is distinctively minimal in its design approach, but commercially viable in a relatively young and less discerning market. For now I have made my decision to rather walk away from an industry that I respect and love; I don’t know how to contribute to it anymore.”


The breakfast served up by 15 on Orange was Instagram bait, way too beautiful to eat.  I tried to fit into the elegant surroundings by passing around a plate of fresh salmon before eating it all but this was a bit of a fail when it ended up right in front of me again.

Thank you to Elle and Elizabeth Arden for the amazing spoil, my boss who gave me the morning off and the lovely ladies at my table (Alisson, Jane, Zaida and Tara).


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