Theatre Review: Scrape

Scrape might be a one woman show but it is far from being a one woman production. The efforts of all the role players are delicately layered together to form a multidimensional piece. Image

A spoof sequel to Scrape might be the production team trying to get through an American airport with the set. It is the nastiest set – and the most fascinating – ever to grace a Cape Town stage. Through clever use of lighting and handheld torches it becomes as real as actress Amy Louise Wilson herself. It is a huge lump of… something organic. Despite receiving an explanation as to exactly what it is within the first few minutes of the play, one needs to sit through the whole 50 minutes to attempt to grasp what Francois Knoetze has created.

In the role of a hypochondriac with a particular fascination for skin Wilson ably holds her own to the larger than life set, providing an understated precision, and creating a rapport with the audience for a character that could have been annoying.  A lesser actress would have been swallowed alive – just as the character is.

Go see Scrape at Alexander Upstairs, if only to have a good story to tell when asked what is the strangest play you have seen this year.

Scrape runs at Alexander Upstairs 6 – 17 August 2013.


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