A Savage way to say “I love you”

Back in the days when Bennifer was a thing, Ben Affleck took out a full page ad in Variety professing his love to Jennifer Lopez. It was more eek than ahh cute for most. After that it’s not easy to go down the “purchase public space without looking like a mofo” path. Unless you’re The Plus One because he is awesome like that.

Jon Savage recently started his very own online radio show in the style of the pirate radio stations that were transmitted from boats along the coast of England.  No topic is off limits and drinking a bottle of Jack per show is on par with keeping management happy at a commercial station.


Savage has roped in his listeners to crowdfund the bottles of Jack. At R50 listeners have free reign over the seed.tv for 30 seconds.

One of my favourite features on his previous show on 5fm was the “Dramatic Reading” where he’ll read the lyrics of a rock songs with dramatic music in the background.

This is where the grand gesture of love comes in. The Plus One bought the 3 minutes of airtime and requested a Dramatic Reading of Chevelle’s Jars. chevelle_jarsI’d like to think that this falls firmly in the ahh cute category of public displays of affection. (At least one Twitter follower agreed.)

Listen to the reading here. We used a high-tech cellphone to make the recording to please forgive the giggling.

Catch The Jon Savage Show on seed.tv on Thursdays between 21:00 – 23:00

Read more about Jon Savage and crowdsourcing here.


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