Falling Leaves in Piketberg

I’m starting to feel like a candidate for Extreme Couponing: Group Buying Edition. This weekend we went away on another coupon purchase, this time from Wikideals. What made this coupon so appealing was that, 1. It was available during the school holidays, 2. It was on a farm and the kids really needed some fresh air after filling their heads with TV games all holiday, -most importantly- 3. It was crazy ass cheap. Hebron Manor House

At R600 we had the run of Hebron Estates’ manor house for 3 days. This included as much of the farm as the boys could cycle on. For 48 hours straight we kept the fireplace going. When the boys cycled I read and kaught up with The Kardashians. We watched Hook and played Rummikub. A lazy weekend of guilty pleasures and kicking the boys’ asses in board games.

A weekend in instagrams

A weekend in instagrams

In between this busy schedule I started dreaming. Not far from our housie we spotted a very strong contender for our wedding venue. We’ve been engaged since October of last year and haven’t been too worried about the wedding date yet. The converted barn with wide sliding doors and a fireplace might have sped up the process in our minds somewhat. We don’t want a big wedding (sorry Aunt Tina, you’re not invited) so size-wise it was perfect.


Lunch at the Desert Rose Farm Stall on the way home. Their bacon and mushroom pancakes are killer

Ironically, Marie Claire had a 58 wedding dress special in their June edition which only helped stir my dormant bridezilla.

The whole farm was covered with autumn leaves which powered a relentless replay of Billy Talent’s Falling Leaves in my head (Mmm not a bad wedding theme…yes I’m getting obsessed). When I got back in the office on Tuesday concentrating on work became even more impossible when the news broke that Billy Talent will be returning to Cape Town in August. And the gig won’t be in Grandwest.

The Plus One and I try to go away as much as we can but this was the first weekend that it was a family affair. The kids loved it. Even before they spent one night they were talking about going back. I have a feeling we’ll be back as soon as the first autumn leaves hit the ground in 2014.

Hebron Estate
022 914 5353
083 226 8878


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