Guest Post: You’re so lucky you live here!

You know that saying; “You never miss something until its gone.”?

Well, I’ve heard that saying many times about many things, and while it’s usually followed by a mental note to self to spend more time with the family, the fact is, many times we only realise it’s too late when it is too late…thus the reason we have these sayings in the first place.

View from Signal Hill in Cape Town

View from Signal Hill in Cape Town

As a born and bred CapeTownian, I took it to heart when I recently overheard some Jozi based colleagues discuss how we take for granted our beautiful city. How dare they? With their ridiculously high salaries, shopping addictions and BMW’s! How dare they come into my city and tell me I don’t appreciate it enough? Hmmmph!

But the truth is that the Jozians were right, we do take for granted the fact that, just around the corner, there are endless options for enjoying the city, whether you’re budgeting or not. So on a stunning Sunday, with the Mother City showing off her best weather, some of my favourite friends in tow, I picnicked up on Signal Hill for the very first time! photo2We found a lovely secluded spot, a bit off the beaten track (I’m sworn to secrecy so don’t ask). Laying out our selection of cheeses (and box wine) we were about as close to perfection as one could possibly get until a shadow happened upon us. But it wasn’t a cloud, no dahling, this is Cape Town, it was a paraglider taking full advantage of the most flawless weather to float down from Table Mountain and have little mid flight chats with us picnickers (read: plebs) below.

And undoubtedly the happy paraglider was from Jozi or Pretoria or some other dreadful place (read: not Cape Town) and good for them! I say go on, keep coming back and keep reminding us how lucky we are, and like me, hopefully one lucky CapeTownian will realise it and experience something amazing in our city before it’s too late.


By Cara-Lee Arendse (Hardcore CapeTownian)


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