Wolftown single launch at It’s a House

It’s a House is the elephant graveyard of hipster ideas, just a lot more cluttered. Every millimetre of the space is a photo opportunity. If Instagram had a throne room this would be it. The hipster vibe was almost tangible, I started craving organic things and growing an ironic ‘stach the second that I entered the room. Only two things could save me: a stiff drink and good music. This being the launch of Wolftown’s third single, Don’t you know, the latter was a given.

The coffee counter at It's a House

The coffee counter at It’s a House

The former wasn’t forthcoming. It took our waiter an hour after ordering to tell us that the ingredients of our cocktail is out of stock and then another 45 minutes to bring the replacement order. Once again music will have to save the day. WolftownBand

The line-up was a triumvirate of local female fronted voices: Wolftown, Lexi Frame and Jae Braun.

Wolftown is a three piece outfit from Cape Town consisting of Sarah Pope (vocals and guitar), Damian Upton (bass and guitar) and Kyle Sanders on drums and percussion.

Don't you know

Don’t You Know is a classic love song made epic with Sarah Pope’s soulful voice. The song is super catchy but somehow I doubt it will get on my nerves if it was placed on heavy rotation on a radio station.


When Wolftown opened for Woodstock Mafia’s EP launch last year I was in awe of the dedicated fans for an opening act without a full length album. This is sure to be a trend that will only escalate with their debut album “Soul on Fire” set to be released in June.


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