Just Add Water Mother

I have a lot respect of mothers. Single moms, moms who get no support from their husbands/boyfriends, heck even moms who are in supportive relationships. If I think of all the drama I’ve bestowed on my own mother… to this day. So to all the mothers, please don’t take offence in this post, the last thing I want to do is highjack your day. But….255497_10151191113888970_1705268145_n…being a “Just-Add-Water Mother” is extra sucky on this day.

I’m engaged to a wonderful man, The Plus One, with 2 children who live with us. When we walk together (especially in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town) I can see people doing the math. First the age difference between me and TPO, then between myself and the kids.


Let me simplify it for you (I say in a cool bitchy voice worthy of a chick flick show down) I’m 17 years younger than my beau, 17 years older than the youngest boy. I’ll end the speech with a deadly stare and flick my hair. Then I walk into a pillar because I just daydreamed the whole scene, expect the calculating looks.

I definitely don’t want credit on this day. I am not maternal. I don’t fill the mother shaped hole in the door left by their biological mother. They have a wonderful grandmother and a super multitasking father for that. Mother’s Day just reminds me that I’m still very confused as to what my role is in their lives are.

I can do better.


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