DIY: Steampunk Tiara

Steampunk is what the past would have looked like if the future happened sooner – Urban Dictionary

Steampunk was a fascination which quickly…ahem…steamrolled into an obsession. I’d like to think of it as a rather productive obsession. The Plus One and I have made a few steampunk jewellery pieces. We like pretend that they’re gifts but tend to grow way too attached to part with them.


Top left is our very first piece, our style has become a little more refined since then. The right at the bottom was a gift to one of my favourite tweeps @The_Lindaleine. It only took the post office 3 months to get it to her.

I realised just how far gone we were when the Plus One suggested we make a steampunk tiara for a “Tiaras and Ties” themed party.  Any excuse to steampunk it up!

Rose coloured glasses

Beautiful rose coloured glasses available at jadedminx on Etsy

I had a few spectacular ideas involving springs and keys which saw me making a solo trip to the hardware store. Seen through rose coloured steampunk glasses the hardware store is a place of great beauty and promise.


The first version of the steampunk tiara. I love the idea of this but it’s not very practical

Practicality (Read The Plus One) made me ditch the spring for a brass light socket extender.  It served as a solid base for the clock dials and the brass nuts.


The clock dials are extremely dainty and light which makes them tricky to work with but hardly added any weight to the structure.  The black side of the dials would have given the tiara a striking gothic look however I opted for the silver side to contrast with my dark hair.


Olivia the Mannequin

The tiara was affixed to a plain hair comb from Dischem (discount pharmacy).  It kept the tiara in place during a very lively rendition of Gangnam Style.




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