The Kooks #5GumExperience

5 Gum is hands down one of the coolest brands in South Africa at the moment. Every few months they give a few thousand people the kind of super special exclusive experience usually only reserved for the cool kids bloggers and socialites.


We have been lucky to have attended all the events thus far. And by lucky I mean absolutely spoilt. It’s gotten to the point that we’re no longer impressed with the idea of being bussed to a secret venue hosting an international act.  Who am I kidding I’m not a blasé blogger I’m still insanely impressed.

The venue was in a film studio warehouse in Salt River. 5 Gum pimped up the place with the amazing lighting that they have become a signature for this event.


The Kooks where amazing. Rumour has it that during Seaside one hipster was so taken by the lyrics that he promptly called a taxi to also have a shot of falling on and in love at the seaside. Powerful stuff. The Kooks’ new material would have been better on another band. It did not have that same mellow rusta vibe that makes you long for a road trip as their older stuff does.

Oh but what a set!  The Kooks crawls into every fibre of your eardrum and just hangs out.

The organisation of the event is so precise it will make a German blush. The queuing situation was a bit of a mess (someone actually pushed me out of the way to get to a stall) but this was due to the high number of First Timers. With First Timers I’m not referring to people at their first 5 Gum Experience, it’s those people who seem to be at their very first event with people who are not in their immediate family.


I hate leaving a show early to “miss the crowds” but this crowd is one you want to miss. At the 2 Door Cinema Club 5 Gum Experience we saw the insane queues for the busses so I sacrificed Naive and saved ourselves the near riot (according to Twitter accounts) that broke out over the busses.

I woke up this morning smell of 5 Gum Watermelon on my pillow. Those 5 Gum organisers….they don’t miss a single detail.Image

Photos by @glanskind


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