DIY Revamp: Camouflage Shirt

The ever turning wheel that is fashion has stopped on camouflage again this season. A camouflage shirt is the little black dress of over shirts. It pretty much works with everything.


Mr Price camouflage shirt

I found this rather loud camouflage shirt (talk about an oxymoron) at Mr Price which was so close to perfect save for a few minor details. For one the embellishment had to go. The original buttons were actually not that bad, but I had something better


A new perspective on mass production clothing

For the past few months I’ve been collecting buttons with a crown design from the Milnerton Market at R1 a pop. I like that even though they are completely different there’s a level of uniformity.


Buttons from the Milnerton Market

One episode of Justified later and I had a completely new look.


Trinity the Mannequin rocking the camouflage shirt


The golden rose broach is another Milnerton Market find


My favourite button

I saved all the buttons and embellishment for the next turn of the wheel, apparently Dolly Parton chic is all the range next season…


5 thoughts on “DIY Revamp: Camouflage Shirt

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  2. Mooi taaltje dat Afrikaans. But, this is exactly what I had in mind too, a camouflage shirt, but one with golden buttons that I’d probably have to find myself. I’m gonna see if it’s possible. You did it, so I should be able to pull it off too.

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