Cape Town’s Cheat Sheet

After the love letter of a blog post for Cape Town last week, this makes me feel like a total hypocrite. Instead of savouring the best of the Mother City on the scenic route I took the highway straight to the Taste of Cape Town. It’s the ultimate cheat sheet to the tastiest eateries, wineries and brands in and around the city. It is not a cheap outing but after a stop at the Honey Jack stand you won’t care (that much).

You have to drink the card that you're dealt

You have to drink the card that you’re dealt

Used to the rocky terrain of rock festival grounds we were very in awe of the even turf of the Greenpoint Cricket Club. Is this how grownups spend their weekends? It’s rather nice.

Almost as nice as the girl at the Acqua Panna stand who didn’t give me a dirty look when I used her spotless white stand to plak down the The Plus One’s  Signal short rib for a few minutes while he went to get Beefcakes burgers for the kids.  Their lemonade is highly recommended by the 8 year old and the bottles are freaking adorable.

Another tasty dish was the duck risotto from the newly opened restaurant at De Grendel. De Grendel is one of my go to places to take visitors because of their comprehensive wine tasting and the amazing ocean and mountain views.

princess pop

The Cape Town Angel’s with Princess Pop

Paired with crystallised strawberry bits Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky is absolutely divine.  While the Plus One got stuck at the Bain’s stand I visited The Cape Town Angels.  Their benefit stage was a buffet of the Cape Town music scene ranging from a drag queen (Princess Pop) to the brother and sister folk duo Janie & The Beard.

I thought it was rather funny how the City Press had a VIP area on the day that they printed their big “exposé” on the meet scandal. What’s a chunk of donkey meat between some very important people, right…right?


The Pick n Pay Wine and Canapé Experience

The best value for money was The Pick n Pay Wine and Canapé Experience. For 5 crowns (R15) we made 3 gourmet canapés paired with 3 white wines.  I don’t know who enjoyed it the most, the kids or Joanne and myself who have both been banned from the kitchen by our respective partners.  For half an hour we had the ability to effectively use deep fried basil leaves on a dainty canapé and the wisdom to used vanilla spate instead of vanilla essence in dessert. Our cheese cake mix looked expert in the mini fish bowl. And the best part, after draining the kids’ wine glasses we could just leave the “dirty” kitchen behind.

The Eleven Year Old at The Pick n Pay Wine and Canapé Experience

The Eleven Year Old at The Pick n Pay Wine and Canapé Experience


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