Living in Cape Town: A permanent travel story

As a child I was very spoiled with super extended holidays away. We went to the beach, the bushvelt and the big city. I can’t remember a holiday that was less than 2 weeks. Before the picture of a spoilt princess starts to form in your head (before you promptly go back to reading the real Cape Town blogs) I should probably mention that these holidays were on a VERY tight budget. Most of the accommodation we stayed in was on loan from contacts of my parents/squatting at family and we saved all year for rest.


Initially it was a rather rude awakening when I realised that there was no way that I could have these stretched out breaks after I moved out of the parentals’ place. I am just not likeable enough to befriend folks with second homes along the coast.


The Cape Town tourism board will like you to believe that you don’t need a holiday, you need Cape Town.  Where does that leave those who have made CT a permanent residence? A million little breakaways each weekend! (The weekends that I’m not having a Game of Thrones/Smash marathon that is.) We live a few minutes from the winelands and 7 minutes from the City Bowl if my Plus One is driving. This city is ours to devour!



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